Why Choose Us?

What Makes MBPTtunes different?

There are  excellent sites that provide remarkable services to musicians and provide great tools for building buzz and selling music. We believe that it’s essential for indie musicians to be apart of multiple websites.You should choose a combination of websites that are tailored to your needs in different facets of your career. Our focus with the MBPTtunes project is to simply complement the features other websites offer by filling in the gaps on a few things they lack. That is the MBPTtunes difference. 

What are some of your key features?

  • Becoming an MBPTtunes member is FREE and EASY! Our free, customizable profile provides tools for career management, allows musicians to interact with fans worldwide and integrates social media.For a limited time  new members are eligible to receive airplay on Jango just for signing up!
  • Trending Now.Our exclusive ranking system compiles data based on fan activity, including music downloads, social media shares, song plays, and more. It’s constantly being updated and shows trending artists for the day, week and month. It’s also searchable via multiple categories such as genre and location.
  • Standalone Electronic Press Kit. Use our free step-by-step EPK builder to highlight your music career and achievements for talent recruiters, venues, publishers, labels, music supervisors and other industry professionals. Visitors can view your standalone EPK online or, if you choose, have the option of downloading your press kit for later viewing. You can also save your EPK and send it as an email attachment. And it’s all free!
  • Stats Tracker. See who’s visiting your profile and downloading your music. With our stats tracker, you can identify location data about your fans. This is a great tool for targeting your audience and maximizing your results. We are currently building an ethnicity tracker as well! (And it’s free!)
  • We do not charge upload fees for your single/album and we do not take a percentage of sales! Yes,you heard right. It’s completely free to sell music and tickets to shows at MBPTtunes!

How does your promotion work?

Our best promotion initiatives are implemented within our low-cost,premium service package which include pushing music to our radio partners and  the Exposure experiment (which is an all out push of your material to fans on other platforms, to gig opportunities,licensing opportunities, blog opportunities and more!) To view the package,simply create/login to your profile! In addition to receiving direct/indirect exposure musicians can also self promote!

  •  Homepage. The homepage is arguably the most visited area of a website. Our homepage is designed to provide maximum exposure by listing Hot Artists, Hot Songs, Hot Albums, a Spotlight Artist and a radio player that plays the best of music on the website! We’ve constructed a” Recent Sellers” widget on the homepage which updates viewers by the second on what sounds are flying off store shelves on MBPTtunes! Also accessible through the homepage are the MBPTtunes Daily and Trending Now sections!
  • MBPTtunes Daily. We’ve designed a self-promotion functionality that is accessible through the homepage. Artists may post comments and/or links to market their talent to site visitors. This is done through a unique format which is designed to maintain the respectability of the forum as an awesome promotional outlet! MBPTtunes Daily
  • We Drive Fans. MBPTtunes, alongside its other promotional processes, implements a strategic global marketing plan that drives music fans to visit the website and discover a refreshing variety of sizzling, rare tunes!   
  • Artists Driving Fans. One way MBPTtunes generates exposure for artists is through indirect cross-networking amongst its members. What exactly is indirect cross-networking? Please read the following example:  

John Doe (Artist) asks Jane Doe (Fan) to support his music and buy his new album from his MBPTtunes store. Jane Doe says “ok” then comes to MBPTtunes and purchases John’s new album. While Jane is browsing the website she hears Jill’s (another MBPTtunes artist) new single. She is impressed with Jill and becomes an instant fan. Now, Jane is a fan of John and Jill. Yes, that story was not very good but the meaning is clear and concise. Jill earned a fan from John’s network, without every directly promoting her music to that fan. This is what we call “Indirect Cross-Networking”.

 MBPTtunes is all about providing artists with the instruments they need for musical success.  We encourage you to use our site and any other medium necessary to find just the right balance for you.  At the end of the day, it’s really all about you, your music and your success – we simply want to be a part of helping you to achieve your dreams.


We want to start off by thanking you for visiting our website and learning a little about us.  Now that you’ve spent a little time getting to know us, why not take advantage of all that we have to offer?  It’s extremely easy to create a free account and become a member of MBPTtunes.com.  Let us help you write your very own musical success story!