Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most of your questions about MBPTtunes and our services can conveniently be found in our FAQ section.  However, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with us through our contact form.  We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

General Inquiries

Do I maintain ownership of my music, when choosing to upload music on MBPTtunes?

Of course! MBPTtunes claims no ownership of your music. Just make sure you are the owner of the music you upload!

Are there any fees involved with selling my music on MBPTtunes?

Currently ,it is completely free!  Of course Paypal will take a small percentage of each transaction. MBPTtunes does not take a percentage!

How do I submit a claim for copyright infringement?

Please view our Copyright Policy page here

I’m a fan that wants to support an artist. How secure are my transactions?

All transactions are completed through PayPal. PayPal, a trusted payment gateway operating since 1998, processes over 7.6 million payments a day and boasts over 128 million active clients. Payments are made safe through the use of an SSL certificate. SSL Certificates authenticate a website’s identity, and protects visitors by encrypting information entered on the site.

Do I need a PayPal account to complete transactions on MBPTtunes?

Yes. Currently, we do not provide a holding bank for transactions. You may enter your PayPal email during account registration or in your artist administration panel. You will not be permitted to add a purchase price for songs until you’ve entered a valid PayPal email!

I’m receiving an error when verifying my PayPal account?

Our verification system checks firstname, last name and email associated with your PayPal account. Information entered incorrectly is the most common cause for error. Listed below are a few points to check if you receive an error during the PayPal verification process.

•    The email you use to log into your PayPal account is the email you should have entered on MBPTtunes as your PayPal Id
•    Your MBPTtunes account First and Last Name must be the same as the your PayPal account First and Last Name
•    Make sure all information is spelled correctly

If after troubleshooting with the above tips and a problem still persists, you may contact us for further assistance.

Can I upload video and .mp3s of cover songs?

Sure. You must have a mechanical license for recorded cover songs and a synchronization license for videos in which you perform a cover song. You are not permitted to upload cover songs or videos of cover songs on MBPTtunes without these licenses. To obtain a license you will most likely have to do so through the songwriter’s publisher. A great place to start is the website of a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) such as ASCAP,BMI or SESAC. Alternatively you may use the Harry Fox Agency or Limelight, as both provide assistance in obtaining music licenses. Remember not to upload covers without having the right licenses in place.  Unfortunately, doing so could result in legal action from copyright owners.

Do you incorporate the use of UPC codes in transactions?

Presently we do not use UPC codes in transactions, but we will very soon. Once the new UPC feature is live, we will also begin reporting sales to Nielsen Soundscan (this data is used for determining BillBoard Rankings!).

Why should I join MBPTtunes?

Great question. We’ve dedicated a whole section to answering this particular inquiry. You can read it here!

Can I set my own single/album prices?

Yes. There are four pricing options available when uploading a single/album. The four options are as follows:
1. Regular Pricing (Set price, customer pays the price that you set. Simple.)
2. Minimum Pricing (Set a minimum price your willing to accept. The customer can enter their own amount they are willing to pay.
However, they cannot go below the minimum amount you set)
3. Free w/donation option (Customer can download the single/album for free, but has the option to leave a tip)
4. Free (customer can download your single/album for free, without being prompted to leave a tip.)

What file format can I upload in? And how large can my file be?

Currently, users may only upload songs in .mp3 file format. The maximum file size is 20mb. The proper balance between quality and file size will keep fans coming back!

How many songs, albums, upcoming shows and videos can I add to my profile?

Users can upload up to 100 songs. The numbers are added up with singles and albums together. For example, a user uploads a 20-song album and 30 singles. If you add that up it means they have uploaded 50 songs all together. They will have space for 50 more songs. Inaddition, MBPTtunes members may also place up to 50 upcoming shows and upload 5 videos to display at one time. We are currently working to raise the ceiling on these numbers! Stayed tuned!

MBPTtunes Daily

How do I comment?

To post comments, a user must be logged into their MBPTtunes account.After logging in, the user can access the comments page by clicking “View All” inside the MBPTtunes daily box on the far right-side of the homepage.

Can I post links in the MBPTtunes daily to third party sites?

Unfortunately, we do not permit the posting of links to third party sites
at this time. However, you may post links to anywhere on MBPTtunes including your profile,discography section and checkout pages!

Is there a character limit placed on commenting?

Yes. There is a 320 character maximum per comment.

Is there a limit on the amount of comments I can post?

A user may post one comment every six hours. This limit has been imposed to prevent comment flooding which can be very distasteful for fans looking to discover new music!

What is MBPTtunes Daily?

The MBPTtunes Daily,strategically located on the homepage, is a comment roll website members can use to promote themselves to site visitors. The more you comment, the quicker and more easily you’ll get yourself noticed.  This area is a great way to begin your self-promotion journey.


Someone submitted material that I own! What should I do?

Submitting infringing material for which you do not own the copyright is unacceptable anywhere, not just on MBPTtunes! Our submissions form is a freeform in which submitters are liable for all music they choose to submit. In case of legal action all accusations will be handled within DMCA compliance. You may check out our copyright policy here.

How do I submit material?

Our self-serve submissions area allows artists to freely send material for placement on our website.

Is my submission guaranteed placement?

Although we don’t guarantee your material will be placed in any of our promotional outlets, we will continue to update and change our selections to keep our promotional items new and exciting.

Any tips for getting my submission selected for placement?

Sure!  We look for certain things, such as great lyrics and production and a professionally engineered product.  You can find a few more tips on the Submit material page!

Do you accept cover song or videos of cover songs submissions?

Unfortunately, we do not accept cover songs as video or .mp3s. The user faces suspension, termination and in severe cases, monetary damages if they’re found to have submitted a cover song either before or after acceptance. So it’s best to avoid all this by following our guidelines.

Homepage Radio Player

What are the basic functions of the radio player?

Fans may play, rewind, fast forward, pause and skip songs forward!

Can I listen to the player after navigating away from the homepage?

Yes. The player is equipped with a pop out option. In the lower left hand corner of your radio, you’ll see an icon resembling two windows.  Click it to access the popup feature.  It’s that simple.

"How-To?" and Troubleshooting questions

How do I post music to my profile?

Website users have the option to upload one song or a full album. Posting music to your profile can be done by logging into your account and choosing either “upload single” or “upload album” from the left hand side of your artist admin page. After making the appropriate selection you will be directed to the upload page. Once reaching the upload page fill in the details of your song/album and follow the onscreen instructions. Viola!

How do I post videos on my profile?

A user may post up to five videos to display on their artist page. You may begin uploading a video by logging into your account. Secondly, click the “edit profile information” tab from the left-hand side of your admin screen. Upon being directed to the “edit profile information” page you can locate the video section between the “website” and “upload image” fields. Next, to complete the process of adding a video to your profile simply insert the youtube url(s) of the video(s) you would like to add, then scroll down to the page’s bottom and click “update profile”. That’s it, the job is done!

I’m having trouble uploading profile photo and/or custom banner. What am I doing wrong?

Profile and custom banner images you upload must fall within max height and width dimensions.If you exceed these dimensions your image will not be accepted.Max height and width allowed for your image are listed for your convenience directly beside the corresponding upload field!

Ticket Center 1.0


Where do I purchase tickets?

You may purchase tickets by first navigating to the profile page of the event holder. If there is a specific show you want to attend simply use the search bar located in the top right corner of the page. You may also freely browse MBPTtunes members located in your area and check their upcoming events!

How do I retrieve purchased tickets?

Tickets are made available immediately after purchase through email and via your customer profile.

Please note: To complete your order you must select “Return to site” (from the paypal screen). Failure to do so will result in your chosen payment method (bank,credit/debit card,paypal)  being charged without you receiving any ticket(s) and no order confirmation!

Does MBPTtunes provide refunds on ticket purchases?

All refunds are issued by the event holder, and not by MBPTtunes. If you believe a seller is engaging in fraudulent activities – including misrepresenting shows, refusing to issue refunds for cancelled events, or any other questionable practices – please notify us and we will take the appropriate actions to rectify the situation.

Can I change the name on my ticket?

The event holder has the power to allow /disallow name editing.

Login into your customer profile and locate the ticket holder’s name in your transaction history. Directly to the right of the ticket holder’s name will be a “edit” link. Choose edit and make the necessary changes. If the name change requires the event holder’s approval you will be directed to the ticket edit request form.

How does MBPTtunes handle fraudulent ticket sales, misrepresentations, and other abuses of its services?

MBPTtunes takes these issues very seriously and we encourage users to notify us if they suspect that any seller is engaging in fraudulent activities. Because ticket sales are self-managed, we can’t promise to obtain a refund. However, if we find the seller to be at fault, we will take all appropriate actions, including revoking their selling privileges and banning them from the site.


How do I create tickets for my upcoming show?

To create tickets for your event start by clicking the “upcoming show” tab located in your artist administration panel. Next , you will be prompted to add or edit upcoming shows. Select add upcoming show and you will arrive at the event details page. Once you provide the necessary information (event date, time, location, etc.) for your show select “yes” when asked if you want to sell tickets to your event. Remember to click “add show” at the bottom of the page to save your event!

Congrats your new event has been added with the option to sell tickets! Now, click the “ticket center” tab located on the left-hand side of your artist administration panel. Next choose “create ticket” (located at the top of the page), add details and start selling tickets on MBPTtunes!

How much does it cost to sell tickets to my upcoming events on MBPTtunes?

Currently ,it is completely free!  Of course Paypal will take a small percentage of each transaction. MBPTtunes does not take a percentage!

Can I edit tickets I have already created?

Yes. Ticket editing can be accomplished by clicking the “ticket center” tab located on the left-hand side of your artist administration panel. Once your ticket center homepage loads you can access tools for event management!
Your “edit ticket” tab is conveniently located at the top of the ticket center homepage!

*Note: After selling the first ticket to your event you will be unable to edit the dates tickets start/end.

What do MBPTtunes tickets look like?

You can preview our .pdf ticket version here and our alternative ticket version here!

How do I receive payment?

Currently users must have a PayPal account to receive a payout for ticket sales. We are dedicated to continued development and you can expect to see more payment options in the very near future!

*Note: For quick instructions on validating your PayPal account read here.

Are there any fees/costs associated for using MBPTtunes to
sell tickets to my event?

We do not charge upfront costs for using our platform to sell event tickets!

We get paid when you get paid. Our rate is $1.35 per ticket sold. Our “flat fee” pricing philosophy keeps our service fee the same , even if you charge higher ticket prices!

Even better our service fee of $1.35 shrinks! Yes, you heard right! Read more here!

What tools are provided for check in?

Currently we provide a printable check-in list for event holders. The check-in list provides first name, last name and confirmation number of each ticket purchaser for easy verification at the door.

How do I cancel an event?

To cancel an event start by clicking the “Ticket Center 1.0” tab located in your artist administration panel. Once your ticket center homepage loads you can cancel your event and access other tools for event management! Canceling your  event via the website does not automate the refund process for your guests and only serves to notify your guests of the cancellation! You can issue refunds to ticket purchasers via your PayPal account.

How do I issue refunds for tickets?

You can issue refunds to ticket purchasers via your PayPal account. Visit for more details.

MBPTtunes does not automatically send refunds to your guests when you cancel an event or accept a refund request.